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Pastor Turner offers words of wisdom, encouragement and inspiration as given by God. Scroll below to see and hear some of the most recent messages from our pastor.


There are many things that the Church of our day finds itself involved with, but none should be more important than the fundamental practice of prayer.  Jesus said that men should always pray.  Our understanding of prayer will increase the more we pray.  The value that prayer brings to the church is beyond comprehension.  Prayer should be a main stay of the Church.  Prayer is like iron to the body and should be taken daily.  The Church must not lose its focus and true purpose.  We must not abandon our core practices.  Let us be a praying church.

•    Praying churches experience breakthroughs
•    Praying churches have praying leaders
•    Praying churches experience answered prayer
•    Praying churches pray for its members
•    Praying churches keep prayer a pertinent issue
•    Praying churches value corporate prayer
•    Praying churches engage their communities through prayer
•    Praying churches have big prayer events

The world and those in it need more than nice programs and happy feelings.
Many need deliverance, healing (physical/spiritual).  Prayer will allow the church to align itself with the will of God.  We are here now, let’s make a difference.


Bishop Walter Turner, Jr. 

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