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Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Grace Congregational Church (GCC) Usher Department to serve as the door-keepers, greeting all who enter, showing the love of Jesus the Christ through action.


Responsibilities of Our Mission (Purpose/Vision)

The GCC Ushers Department provides general care of our sanctuary and assists all people in ultimately receiving the Lord. Ushers are the visible ministers who provide personal service and courtesies to congregants before, during and after service.


Duties of an Usher

The Usher’s duties include welcoming, seating, helping to make people comfortable, handing out bulletins/programs, providing assistance with special needs and emergencies. Ushers assist and serve the pastors, elders, and guest ministry. Ushers also keep order at the entrance and in the sanctuary. Through effective execution of the Ushers duties, other’s experiences in our worship services will be enhanced.


As the front-line custodians of the church, Ushers also straighten and organize the sanctuary and foyer after service, ensuring that everything is in order upon leaving the facility. Being an Usher is not simply a job but a gift of service.


What are some Requirements to become an Usher
  • Member of Grace Congregational Church

  • Maintain God-ordained priorities in your life by putting Jesus Christ first, your family (i.e. – spouse, children, etc.) second and the ministry third.

  • Give at least 10% of your income (tithe) toward the mission and vision of Grace Congregational Church.

  • Regular attendance to Bible Study and Sabbath Worship Service

  • Committed and dedicated

  • Be loyal to the vision and staff of Grace Congregational Church and always protect the unity of the church.

Is the Usher Board an area of ministry you'd like to serve in?

Tel: 713-733-4488
Fax: 713-733-4490

11620 Cullen Blvd.

Houston, Texas 77047

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